Inside the Box Organizing

Anne approached me to reboot development of her website to coincide with the redesign of her brand. “Simple” and “clean” were words she used to describe what she wanted, and she was keen on starting a newsletter to reach out to current and future clients. She also wanted flexibility to start a blog later, so we leveraged WordPress to do the heavy lifting and modified a responsive theme to fit the desired vibe. Woocommerce magic was added so that Anne could also sell products.

Buffalo Welding

A previous client referred me to a friend who’d wanted a web presence for his welding business for years. We met, and as I learned more about him and his company, I realized he simply needed a one-page brochure site with portfolio pics and contact info. Built on WordPress for ease-of-use and SEO magic using a clean, simple theme.

An alternate theme finalist can be demo’d at

NAPO Oregon

Another client referred me to Oregon’s chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers after the sudden departure of their previous developer. The site had just been involved in a worldwide WordPress attack and needed emergency help to get back online.

After successfully navigating the immediate danger, we addressed a large backlist of feature requests of varying degrees of complexity before normalizing into a regular maintenance plan.

Poems for Ample Ladies

Poems for Ample Ladies

The illustrator of a published book of poems needed a website to help sell printed copies.  A single page, scrolling (parallax) theme was used along with a handful of plugins to create a simple yet functional WordPress site.

Right Sized Solutions

Right Sized Solutions

My company, A Serious Production, rebranded itself at the beginning of 2013 to Right Sized Solutions to service micro businesses (0-25 employees) with their web, health insurance, and human resources needs.  A responsive theme with parallax (scrolling single page) functionality was utilized. Built on my favorite platform, WordPress.

Chart It Financial

Chart It Financial

Financial website created in collaboration with a graphic design company.  Based on a static Photoshop file and a handful of notes, I was able to recreate the client’s vision utilizing a heavily-modified Bones responsive theme framework on the WordPress platform.  The site includes several financial calculators.

Momentum | Daimler Trucks North America (no longer live)

A mobile app for my former employer’s client, Daimler Trucks North America, and their Momentum 2012 Aftermarket Parts & Service Conference in Las Vegas. I researched all available mobile event app solutions and found a small outfit named EventMobi that had the right combination of features and cost.

I was responsible for sourcing and inputting all content, making last minute scheduling updates on-the-fly, pushing all alerts to conference attendees, and providing tech support on the ground.